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WWe innovate, research and sell new products for the consumer market. We focus on food products and products for retailing in supermarkets. That’s our world. It’s what we do. Examples?


Sharefoods now also offers a fantastic solution for companies or individuals who want to serve Beyerlander fast fries to large groups of people without frying in oil. From January 2019 we are the distributor of the HOP airfryer. In combination with our fast fries you can provide your customers delicious and ‘clean’ fries in no time. Ideal solution for zoos, gas stations, amusement parks, hospitals, caterers, etc. Are you interested? Please let us know.


Barluci stands for authentic Italian cuisine; the cradle of so many world-renowned dishes. That includes these air fryer pizzas! Smaller in size, but with irresistibly delicious toppings. Barluci chooses smaller pizza bases (known as Rosellinas) and tops these with a range of exquisite ingredients, and of course produced where else but Italy. Assaporal’origine!

(Soon) for sale at Hoogvliet Supermarkets.


Ice cream may be ubiquitous, however Italian scooping ice cream is not available on every street corner. Di’Amore is a new brand of original Italian ice cream. Produced in Italy, with real Italian flavours and beautifully packaged; a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. But what makes this particular ice cream so special? Well, in the first instance there are the flavours. Words simply won’t suffice here, so the only answer is to taste it. But of course there is also the striking packaging widely used for ice cream in Italy. In short: a distinctive taste, packaging and price. Di’amore: Taste the love!

(Soon) for sale at Hoogvliet Supermarkets.


Beyerlander chips are special. Chips of the very highest quality for the air fryer, deep fryer or oven made from specific potato varieties on sale at Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Plus, Hoogvliet and Jan Linders.

We are always hard at work creating new types of chips, new packaging and, above all, doing what we do best: creating added value for all our customers.


We introduced the Yil’driz brand of sauces to supermarkets in 2009. The brand has now been sold to Remia.

Testing panel


We are always on the lookout for great foodstuffs and food products. You will often find us browsing the (international) fairs, restaurants or shops. Even the general midweek market can be a source of inspiration for us. Always searching for products that improve on the current offer; tastier, more attractive, healthier. And always different.

Testing Panel
Once we pinpoint a product, we first have it tested by others in our network for their critical appraisal. People who really know a thing or two about taste. People not prepared to think everything they put in their mouth is simply great. We talk to them about taste, preparation methods, packaging, the advantages (or lack thereof) and pricing. Small scale market research, so to speak. If our panel agrees that our choice is an enrichment of the supermarket range, then we take a good look again at the existing products. We also re-examine the prices, colours and the packaging. In short, we determine the chances of such a product on the supermarket shelves. If all lights remain green, we raise this product to a concept. It will probably come as no surprise that ‘gut feeling’ also plays a significant role in this process.

Concept = product(s) + product characteristics + packaging + price + brand + brand values

Concept in hand we approach retailers to discuss the feasibility of an introduction. In other words: will this product succeed when it hits the supermarket shelves? If all parties register a positive vibe about the new concept, then we really go to work: making agreements with producers, researching and finalising the packaging design, deciding on a brand name and product names, etc. Finally we arrive at the exciting moment of launch. At this point it’s over to you, the consumer, to decide if we have created a successful product….



Well, probably foremost because we enjoy doing it. Eating, inventing things, innovating, marketing, doing business; all these things compose the very air we breathe. Besides, like everyone else, we also have to keep a roof over our heads.

At the end of the day, we want to share with this company. Share our profits, share our prosperity, share our knowledge, share… Indeed, why our company is called Sharefoods!

Our dream is to introduce brands here and have them produced in the globe’s poorer regions. Everyone has to eat! So why not help others with our food? Why not make chips from potatoes grown in Africa? Why don’t we reduce the differences in the world? That would head-off a lot of grief.

There is also a great deal to share closer to home. For example, eating together can be one big party. A good chat at the table, indoors or outside, self cooked or cooked by others, elaborate or simple. Food is an everyday social event; food and sharing go hand in hand. The better the food, the better the sharing. This is how we also contribute to sharing. Right at your table.

And what about foodbanks? Sharing food! Any project which ‘shares’, plays a positive role in our books. And of course we are always open to requests for (modest) sponsorship, befitting our scale.


We’re the Muilwijk family. Dad, mum, four sons and a daughter. We don’t all work directly in the family business, only Bram senior and sons Onno and Henrico. The others lend a hand when required, but actually are employed elsewhere or still at school. However, all family members share joint ownership of the company. And of course we all welcome good food and enjoy beautiful products and packaging. We love quality and appreciate deeply the beautiful. With our skills and our unique approach we do our best to contribute to this. By creating. By sharing. By doing with passion what (we feel) we are good at.



From our office located at Aventurijn in Dordrecht, we work on our brands on a daily basis, meet with business relations on a weekly basis and constantly spend time thinking about new concepts and innovative products.

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